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Mow&Sow is a California 501(c)(3) non-profit organization

No Safe Poisons

We have been working on the reduction of pesticide use by government agencies,
researching range management practices
and supporting sustainable community and agriculture for over 30 years.

We are not membership-funded, so please support this important work by donating whatever you can.

Thank you.

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Click the player below to listen to an interview with Marin rancher Susie Schlesinger. We hear the title "Steward of the Land"
often bandied about in reference to landowners and ranchers. Susie is a rancher who embodies the ethic that simply owning land
does not automatically make the owner a steward, rather it's the constant attention to the health of the land that gives someone the right to
call themselves a steward. Susie has diligently managed the thistles on her ranch by hand-pulling and cutting, until, where once the
thistles grew taller than her, there is now healthy soil and grass for her livestock. Hers is a true example of sustainable stewardship that
refutes those who assert that ony herbicides can control thistles.

Thistle Pulling April 1988
MOW&SOW volunteers pull thistles in April 1988, to help a rancher explore viable alternatives to herbicide application.
Twenty-four years later (February 2012) ranchers in northern West Marin are once again getting ready to use aerial spraying  to
combat the thistles. They do this every year, to no effect (otherwise, why do they need to spray every year?), at great cost, instead
of rooting out the thistles before they go to seed.